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I am using EndNote with Open Office.  With my document at the moment I am inserting text in some places as I write.  When I add text, I tried to CWYW, expecting the citations to shift along.  For example when I would add a citation to some new text in the middle, it might become citation number 15, and the reference would slot in at the bottom as 15, in front of all the references that appear after it.  But the citation previously numbered 15 would stay as 15 in the text, although the journal reference down the bottom of the document would shift to 16. So it would no longer correspond to the correct journal.  I saved the document and went back in, wondering if it would have shifted, but no luck.

Is this because I am using numbers for my citation?  Would I be better off to use another way to make it in the document at the moment- ie author and year- and then perhaps switch this once the document is complete? 

Thanks in advance

With EndnoteX4 and , my citations are immediately reorganized.  and OpenOffice 3.1.1.  I am currently updating to the 3.2.1 version to see if that changes the result.  

added in edit:

updated OpenOffice to 3.2.1 and it works fine too.  Try changing the style and then changing it back? 

In what format are you saving the document?


It’s being saved as .odt

Hi again jcar,

That isn’t something that I’ve seen before as long as the document is being saved in .odt format.  I have seen it several times when the document has been saved in OpenOffice in a .doc or .rtf format, then reopened – the EN citations don’t survive the transition to a different format, and consequently when you attempt to insert new ones a new bibliography is created as you describe.

I’d advise contacting us here in technical support either via the telephone or through the contact form at our website:

It would be good to note prominently somewhere that conversion between OpenOffice and MicrosoftOffice documents could mess up endnote inserted citation fields.