Installation of Endnote X6 is just stuck when it's checking the disk space requirement

I can’t install Endnote X6 on my Windows 8 Pro. It is just stuck when it’s checking the disk space requirement at the beigining of installation…Plz help I followed the instruction from my Uni website. 1. Create folder C:\EndnoteExtract 2. Download zipped file Endnote X4, X5 or X6 for Win to C:\EndnoteExtract 3. Once downloaded to the C:drive folder, right click on the, or and select extract here or extract all. There should be more than one file appearing (eg: enx5Inst.msi and License.dat) in the folder. ** Must use the extract option for the licence file to work. 4. Look for ENX402Inst.msi/enx5Inst.msi/EndnoteX6Part1.msi (Endnote X4/X5/X6) in C:\EndnoteExtract folder and double click on file to begin installation. (NB: If installing Endnote X6 - refer to the installreadme.txt file once all files extracted) 5. Click Next then click ‘Accept’ button for the Volume License agreement. Click Next 3 more times. 6. Select Typical on the Installation Type window, then click Next. 7. Click Next 2 more times. 8. Endnote should be installed without any prompt for registration. If a message does appear asking for a serial/license key, double check that the files were extracted and that the license.dat file is located in the C:\EndnoteExtract folder with the installation file then go back and start at Step 4 again. Plz Help. Thanks

Here is a screen shot attached showing where it is stuck. I can cancel it but thereafter the process became “no responding”.