Is it possible to create a style with the initial of the author inside brackets ?

I am trying to create a style for a French law review, and they want the names of the author to appear like this : FINAUD (M.). I do not know if it is possible to add the brackets, and, if it is possible, how to do it ?

Catherine Brendow

Three things:

  1. Treat the author as an organization and enter the name in the Author field with a comma at the end like this:

     Finaud (M),


  1. Now change the Author Name setting in the output style so the name format will be capitalized (see attached image).  [Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT (name of your style).  Locate the “Citations” heading then click “Author Name”.  In the Name Format (right column) change the Capitalization to: All Uppercase. Also change the Author Name setting as well  for the Bibliography template. 

  2. Also the Citations “Templates” will need to be edited to remove the parentheses/brackets, year, page numbers or other unnecessary fields.

After editing close the style; the changes will be saved as a copy so adjust both your EndNote and MS Word settings to use the file copy.

Thank you very much !