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I was told to try defining an output style (for the bibliography) that looks as follows:

[BKK02] BARKOULA, N.-M- ; KARGER- KOCSIS, J.: Solid Particle Erosion. In: Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 21 (2002), Nr. 15, S.1377-1388

My problem is the [BKK02] that contains the first letters of the surnames " B arkoula- K arger- K ocsis" and the 2 digit year option.

The same holds for the citation template. I should look like [BKK02] but I also do not know how to make EndNote insert only the first letters of the surnames here.

Is this in any way feasible?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I don’t think EN can do that (automatically). The way I can think of (or I would do if I’m told to do) is that, using database software like MS access or Filemaker and write a short script taking the first letter of each author, and take the last digits of year, and use text concatenation command to create new data. But I probably need to import authors into individual data cells, which is a bit of pain.

You can use the “Label” field to do this, but unfortunately you need to enter the data manually and then specify “Label” instead of Author in the output style.

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Thanks very much for your help. I’ll try and let you know.

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I have the same problem here…

need one format like this:

[ref] <autor>. “<title>”, <journal>, vol. <volume-issue>, <month year>, <pages>.


[BER01]     Bergamaschi, R. A.; Bhattacharya, S.; Wagner, R.; Fellenz, C.; Muhlada, M.; White, F.; Daveau, J. M.; Lee,

                    W. R. “Automating the design of SOCs using cores”. IEEE Design and Test of Computers, vol. 18-5,

                    Set-Out 2001, pp. 32 -45.

Tks in advance !

Try this output style (“BracketStyle.ens”) made in EndNote X4 and tested in MS Word 2010.

As noted by a prior posting, the “Label” field is used in the bibliography template  to accommodate the 3-letters of the author name(s) followed by the 2-digit year: BER01.  (See Image1 for a sample of the reference type and corresponding data fields.)

A drawback of using the Label field in the bibliography template is the field length seems to affect the proper alignment of the hanging indent.  (See Image2 for the example and correction.) However, this is easily corrected by either: 1) Placing the cursor on the second line of the reference then pressing the TAB key; or 2) Modifying the paragraph setting in MS Word’s “Style” template (instructions are noted on the BracketStyle.ens file).

BracketStyle.ens (14 KB)

I have seen similar requirements come up recently and would like to learn more about this to see if we can add something to EndNote in the future to help automate this.

Does this formatting style have a name? Are there formal guidelines published anywhere?

In the meantime, I am fairly sure the EndNote API could be used to write a plug-in that parses through the Author and Year fields, copies out the required data and pastes it into to Label field.

If anyone is interested in trying this, let me know and I will try to have someone be available to answer some more technical questions.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Also see this threadwhich points to other threads regarding similar requests.