Is it possible to replace text within a field during the import process?

Dear all,

I do not want to import the number attached to the keyword (f.e. !294903216!Cameroon). Reference Manager offers the possibility to replace text within a field during the import process. I saw that Endnote offers the possibility to omit characters but how about replacing text?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Reference Manager, replace text tab:

Find from !

Find to !

Replace with

Depending upon how the data in your text file is structured/laid out it might be possible to modify the Endnote import filter - but hard to say without seeing the data.

However, instead of replacing text during the import process you could instead clean up the data by first importing the file into MS Excel and identifying the exclamation point character as a delimiter. This will then cause the numbers to “separate” from the text (Cameroon) and appear in a separate column which could then be deleted. Then re-save the text file and import it into Endnote.