Is it possible to use EndNote with Translation Studies Bibliography?


I’m wondering whether anyone knows of a way to export records from Translation Studies Bibliography ( into EndNote. There doesn’t seem to be a filter or connection file available, and from the database itself the only option for saving a record is to email it - there’s no option to save as a text file, and the text of the email is not in a format that looks like it could be easily interpreted.

I tried exporting to Zotero, in the hopes of then exporting from Zotero to EndNote, but Zotero only seemed to detect a limited number of the records.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



Sounds to me like you should ask Thomson to liaise with the database providers to see if they can work to a solution.  You can suggest that they prepare a filter from the  filter techsupport page link, or even a connection, but it sounds like they will need to ask the Translation Studies Bibliography people to work with them on exporting a parse-able file. 

Thanks, Leanne.