Ask for ECLAS connection file or import filter

Dear All,

If anyone works on European studies and uses the European Commission Libraries Catalogue (ECLAS), could you help me out to export the citations?

Though the website seems to suggest that the marked references could be imported, it does not work with my Endnote X1. I wonder if anyone knows the solution to export the references into my Endnote. Thank you!

  • To send the record or list of records by e-mail:
  1. Click Save/Mail to display the E-mail or Save Selected Records form.
  2. Choose a record format. There are three standard formats available: Standard (more complete, quite similar to the record’s standard view in the catalogue), Citation format (a brief bibliographic reference), and ISI Research soft (a short bibliographic reference that can be imported into reference managers such as EndNote). Please click here to see the same record in the three currently available formats.
    You can also create your own format by selecting the fields from the list.
  3. Fill in the e-mail address field. The Name, Subject and Text fields on the form are optional, but can be helpful in handling your e-mail.
  4. Click Send/Save.

Best, Bill

Message Edited by superpkpk on 12-02-2008 05:27 AM

The information on the website is incorrect. What they call the “ISI Research Soft Tagged Format” is actually the RefMan (RIS) format.

When you save the file of records, make sure that you save it as a text file (.*txt). This worked fine for me with Firefox; I didn’t try it with Internet Explorer.

Then import the saved file to EndNote using the filter called “Reference Manger (RIS)”.