Endnote X4 and Word 2007 on Win 7 really slow


I am using above combination on a core 2 duo 2.3GHz with 2GB of Ram. I was using X3 before, but after the numer of footnotes in my word document did increase over 400, inserting a new footnote took about 30 seconds. This is why I now upgraded to X4. The result: Inserting new footnotes now takes 1 to 2 minutes!!

When I insert into a new document it takes about 1 second!! Just when I use the doc I am working on (with > 400 footnotes)  it takes for ever!

Some suggestion would be highley appreciated.

Thanks a lot.



How many output styles did you install?  – You really should be judicious in your selection.  We stay with about 250, or start with your 5 favorites and then download  them (via the help, Webstyles finder) as you need them. 

I have only installed 5 different Styles yet, so I don’t think thats the reason for my problem :frowning:

What happens if you turn Instant Formatting off and format everything at the end? Does it go any faster?


It seems that Endnote X4 is extremely slow. I use the Mac version and since I have upgraded to X4, the system is dreadfully slow.  I did not change anything else, but it takes much longer to locate and insert any reference.  I am considering un-installing X4 until the company has fixed an obvious bug.

I’ve got a similar issue here - Windows 7 x64, Word 2007, Endnote X4. I can’t be totally sure, but I think X3 may have been faster.

I’ve got a document with several tables in it (hardly any text), just under 200 references. Addding/changing/deleting a reference locks up Word and Endnote for ~30 seconds. As with the OP, inserting references into a new document is near-instant.

I was inserting references into a book, and when I got to over 200, each new insertion took longer and longer. At ~550 references inserted, the wait time was about 50-70 seconds.

I’m running Word 2007 and EndNote x4 on Windows XP.

I read several forum posts and websites that referred to EndNote x3 and had no luck turning off the automatic formatting of citations.

It seems the way to reach this option has moved or been renamed since EndNote x3, or I was just having trouble finding it. Not giving up though, I hunted around some more and clicked on the “Convert Citations and Bibliography” option on the EndNote ribbon in Word 2007 and chose from the drop-down menu “Convert to Unformatted Citations”. Now my insertions are instantaneous because Endnote places the tagged reference into Word instead of formatting it with my chosen style. I will format once the references are all inserted and the bibliography needs to be created.

I hope this helps others who are having trouble.

Additionally, I’ve read that EndNote x4 is not yet compatible with 64-bit Windows 7, so this may not be a solution to that particular problem.

In the Format bibliography pane, desactivate “Link in-text citations to bibliography”

Quote: “Additionally, I’ve read that EndNote x4 is not yet compatible with 64-bit Windows 7, so this may not be a solution to that particular problem.”

Negative.  Endnote X4 is FULLY compatible with Windows 7 - 64 bit - all versions.  Endnote X4 is compatible with 32 bit versions of Office 2010/2007.  It does not yet have a native 64 bit plugin for Office 2010 x64.  According to T.R. this is forthcoming. 

I have same problem with Intel(R) Core™2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz , 4.00 GB (3.50 GB usable) and windows & 32-bit. I found that when I open a blank document and cite there, endnote has no problem. but in my 25 pages document, it works very slowly! Any suggestion?

It is always a good idea, when you upgrade either Word or Endnote, to unformat a document and reformat it with the new software versions, since there can be significant differences in the way the two programs achieve their “hand-shake” in the fields.  Try that, and if the simple action of unformating/reformating isn’t enough, then while the document is unformated clean up any field codes as describedin this FAQ

Hi everyone, First, I want to thank Leanne (and JimmyM on other threads) for their efforts to help. I’m editing a large Word document (600+ KB, 382 citations) on a Windows 7 machine with Endnote X4.0.2 and Word 2010 (other posts on this thread were about Word 2007, but it seems like it’s the same issue.) This is a new computer with a Core i7 960 processor @ 3.2 GHz, 6 GB of RAM, etc. – everything else runs blazingly fast on this system. It was taking me 10 full seconds to add a new citation from my Endnote X4 database. Unclicking the “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography” box helped, now it’s down to about 4 seconds. Turning off “Instant Formatting” makes it immediate, but that seems to defeat part of the purpose, as citations in that state look ugly and cannot be edited and managed the same way formatted citations are. For comparison, on a near-daily basis I edit the exact same document on my office computer. That’s a much older, slower Core Duo XP system, running EndNote X3 and Word 2007. Inserting formatted new citations takes maybe a second or so on that much slower system, with the -older- version of EndNote. Unformatting all the citations and then reformatting them in a new document (suggested earlier in this thread) made no speed improvement at all in X4. Bottom line: the 4-second lag that I’m experiencing in X4 is marginally tolerable in my circumstances but definitely disappointing. It seems wrong that X4 performs worse than X3 – much worse when you take into account the difference between the two computer systems that I use. The X4.0.2 upgrade fixed the bug that repeatedly generated “This action cannot be completed …” windows but it sure seems like something needs to be made more efficient. Thanks. – Ben

Hi again

I found something that maybe can help you to say what’s happening. I took some captures from my word actions before and after I add a new citation. Captures 1 to 11 are for my document containing 178 actions and 21 to 22 are for a new document containing 27 actions!

So, some questions:

1.       Is Endnote really doing 27 actions when it adds a new reference to a new document?!

2.       Why it’s 178 actions in my document? (Maybe it try to review or update all citations before and after of new one!)

3.       By this trend, It’s going to do more action when I add new references and it will kill all of my undo actions! What I have to do?

Please Help!

Yes, that is why I turn CWYW off until I want to check things or submit.  If it is deleting, inserting, adding the ref to the list (in the right place), hyperlinking them and renumbering/reordering the rest of the refs,  You can eliminate some of the steps by not hyperlinking, for example, but it will still be allot. 

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Thanks for you kindly reply. I unmarked “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography” from “Endnote X4 > Bibliography > Format Bibliography” and Endnote working normal (just a second for citing. I hope my citations will not interfuse  when I open my document in a new client with a different library.

Thanks again

Hi I have the same issue. My thesis is driving me mad. I upgraded from X2 to X4 and its slowed down completely. I switched off the immediate citations and only update citations every once in a  while but have to wait a few minutes for endnote and word to 'talk to each other". My computer says that word is failing to respond and I need to switch programs. 

My thesis has be cut and pasted from previous documents so that may be contributing but - that really is not good enough when it was super quick in x2!

Would upgrading to word 2010 solve this issue.


Michele, first, get the fix that upgrades from X4 to X4.0.2 if you haven’t already. That solved some or all of that failing to respond business for me. If it still doesn’t work: Try the things I mentioned in my previous post, and that others mentioned, which at least speeds things up. If it worked well before, you might try uninstalling X4 and re-installing X2. I don’t think that upgrading to Word 2010 will help this problem. Incidentally, I’m not sure but cutting and pasting text that has citations in it sounds like a potential recipe for trouble. I would unformat the citations before cutting/pasting, then reformat them in the new document. Just a thought there, but my main suggestion is the first thing above. Ben

And turn off hyperlinking from the format bibliography dialog.

Hi Uli. I am possibly having a related problem with a very similar system and configuration. I posted this yesterday.


My temporary workaround right now is to move the section of text I need to work on into a temporary document. When it is finished I’ll move it back into the real document and repeat with the next section of text.


I just made this note in a different thread, about finding the dialog box to turn off automatic formatting…

Just as a note - curious experience with the new word ribbon. I’ve been using word 2007 for quite a while, and thought the little arrow down to the left in some of the ribbon panes meant in effect expand the pane. This is my intuition from heavy matlab use. Just now I learn in word it acutally means open a dialog box. It was not intuitive at all, I’ll leave it at that.