Endnote X2 extremely long delay when inserting first citation inot Word 2007

I have Endnote X2.0.2 and use Word 2007. The first time a citation is inserted after opening a word document, there is a delay of over a couple of minutes before the citation is inserted. During this period, Word and Endnote appear to be frozen, but the citation ultimately appears correctly. After Word is open and the first citation is made, it runs efficiently when adding or deleting subsequent citations, as I expect from using previous versions of Endnote. The only “fixes” I have found is to turn off Cite While You Write; however, this just delays the annoying long wait until you click the update bibliography button for the first time in that word document. This seems to be an issue with Endnote X2. Anyone esle run into this and have a solution? This performance flaw greatly reduces productivity, and is very annoying when I have to constantly open different word files and work with the references. I often do somethig else and come back later because the delay is so long. Any suggestions to fix this, or is it just an unresolvable problem with X2?

With X2, the default installation installs thousands (literally!) of styles in the program folder/endnote/styles folder.  Move the bulk of those to a different location leaving the few you really need in that folder - I have settled on 200 in my field, that satisfies most of my Institute’s users.  You can always retreive one from the alternate folder (by copy and pasting or moving them using  your operating system facilities). 

X3’s default only installs 100 styles by default, but they are a selection that probably pleases no one, as it is an eclectic set, so I recommend still sorting thru them and retrieving a few more.  Of course the easiest way to solve this, is to go to the Endnote.com website when you need one, retrieve it from there - or from the sticked styles list in the styles forum, open it and save it from endnote. 

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Thank you. I previously did as you suggested to improve the load time for X2. Removing the unneeded styles helped X2 load much more quickly, but it did not solve the sluggish multi-minute response time when the first citation in a newly opened word document is inserted. My delay problem is with inserting or deleting a citation the first time a word document is opened, regardless of whether X2 is already open and running. If I close and reopen a word doc that I have been working with, I again have to wait a couple of minutes for the first citation that I add or delete to complete. During this time, both Word 2007 and Endnote X2 are not responsive, but eventually unfreeze and the citation is inserted/deleted. The problem seems to be tied to the first time X2 tries to update the citations in a newly opened word doc because if Cite While You Write is off, it does not freeze when you insert a citation, but does hang for a couple of minutes when you click the update citations button the first time in the X2 ribbon in Word. After it has updated the citations once, it runs efficiently.

I encountered the same big problem.

I’m using Word 2007 and X3 (bld 2682) and I noticed the following:

When I start my old doc containing endnote insertions, the MS word became extremly slow. Every insertion of record will cost me about 2mins. It’s weird. What’s wrong with X3 and word 2007?

my PC:


Office 2007 professional

Endnote x3.0.1 (bld 4261)

windows XP Pro @ 32bits

Thanks!  Ignore my reply saying that I had done this already.  I thought I had moved the unneeded styles elsewhere, but it was the unneeded “connections” and “filters” that I had removed, which helped X2 itself load more quickly.  After removing all but the handful of styles that I actually use, the citation inserts run just fine.  Thanks for your help!

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Who help me? my endnote problem.

Please tell us what you have tried and didn’t work? 

Did you try moving out extra styles as recommended? 

According to some suggestion, I unchecked the spelling check box of word 2007, it became quick immediately. But I want to use spelling check function of word. Now, the word software cost about 2 mins to recover after I insert a new citation in during word writing.

Yes, but where are your Endnote>preferences> folder location set to, (not in the Program Folder/endnote/styles location right?)

and how many styles are in the Program folder/endnote/styles locaton?  The 100 installed in the default, or did you add more in a custom install?

I don’t think it was associated with the loacation of my " Endnote>preferences> folder location " or " Program folder/endnote/styles locaton". Because I didn’t do anything. All the configures were as endnote was installed.

Yes, that’s we are talking about. By default, EN X2 installs three thousands style, which makes the program behaves very slow. We complained a lot, and then EN X3 doens’t do that. So, you need to tell us which version your EN is.

I’ve never heard about office 2009 is out. I thought MS is releasing office 2010 next year. Is 2009 beta? If so, I don’t recommend to try beta with EN, unless you want to be a guinea pig.

 This problem occured because the BAD campatibility of endnote with word 2007.

Follows are the proposed solutions for the problem from internet:

Solution 1 This can indeed occur with EndNote X1 in that environment if Instant Formatting is enabled. If you disable Instant Formatting, this process should work more quickly. To do this in Word, click on the EndNote tab and look for the “Bibliography” section. In the lower right corner of this section there should be a small arrow you can press to open the Format Bibliography screen. Click on the Instant Formatting tab and then click Turn Off. Click OK to finish this process. When this is done, new citations inserted into the document will appear unformatted. EndNote will also not automatically scan the document for unformatted citations. To Format, click the Update Citations and Bibliography button.

Solution 2:uncheck all the five options under “when correcting spelling and grammar in word”, e.g “Check spelling as you type”.  MS word “startup” > “Word Options” > “Proofing” > “when correcting spelling and grammar in word”, uncheck all the five options:Check spelling as you type, Use contextual spelling, Mark grammar errors as you type, Check grammar with spelling, Show readability statistics.

But, both the two above functions are important. We need them. So is there any better solution?

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Hi I saw your reply. can you help me please?

I have Endnote X2 and a Mac laptop with Word 2004. Since putting my separate word document chapters into 1 document I have to wait minutes when entering a new reference from Endnote.  It appears that the whole document is repaginating. It is 15mg file with small jpeg images. It is so slow!! Can you help