Issue with Endnote x4 with Word 2010 32bit

I recently downloaded Endnote X4 to use with my copy of Word 2010 32bit.  At first all went well, tab was visible on the ribbon and add in operated correctly. 

Then today I launch word and no tab is visible.  I launch the Endnote program and it doesn’t recognize the word processor.

I have tried to repair each of the bits of software to no avail.  Still no functionality of EndNote within Word.  Nor does the Templates work correctly. 

It’s unclear what you did  when “repair[ing]…the bits of software”.  A usual fix is to adjust MS Word’s “Add-ins” as described here:

If you’ve run out of options, a last resort would be to do a completely uninstall EndNote, restart your computer, then re-install the software.


I would recommend you to check the disabled items in Word 2010. It should fix the issue.

Hope this helps!