Connection with MS Word 2010

I have been using Endnote X4 with MS Word 2010 for some time.  After copying a section of text containing a reference, the Endnote connection to Word was lost.  I have reinstalled both programs and still can not get the two programs talking with each other.  Can anyone help?

Is an EndNote tab displayed in the MS Word ribbon?

I lost the endnote icon in MS Word.

It sounds like the EndNote CWyW application files may have been deactivated.  Can you check Word’s “Add-Ins” listing to ascertain the status of the CWYW files:

  1. In the Word 2010 ribbon click on the File tab select “Options” (located beneath “Help”).

  2. Click on “Add-ins.”

  3. At the bottom of the Add-ins screen, change the “Manage” options by clicking the pulldown menu  to select:  “Disabled Items.”

  4. Click Go.

  5. Highlight any EndNote item(s) and click “Enable.”

  6. Click OK to exit the Add-ins window.

BTW, there’s an update for EndNote X4.  To update, click “Help” in the EndNote toolbar and select EndNote Programm Updates.


It worked.  Thank you so much… you are a blessing!



I have been having the same problem. 

I tried to follow the steps you recommended but i dont have the EndNote item on the disabled items.

Please Help

Did you install Endnote after Word on your computer?  Was it ever working?  You don’t have an Endnote tab on your ribbon?  

If never seen it:

If had but lost (but you said this didn’t work)