Problem with importing from online sources. Choose import filter window appears....


I use Endnote X1. Since I switched computers and installed it on a new system (Windows 7) I have a problem with importing references from databases like sciencedirect, proquest oder google scholar (using e.g. .ris file):

When my browser opens the import file (or I manually open it) Endnote asks me to choose an import filter. And irrespective of what filter I choose the reference doesn’t get imported correctly. On my old system I didn’t have this dialog and all imported fields were correct.

I would be very happy about any suggestions how to get rid of this problem, since I can’t use Endnote with this problem very efficiently.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards, Chris

Maybe there are compatibility problems between EndNote X1 and Windows 7?

I would start by checking the file type associations. This page explains how to do that in Windows 7.

The .ris file type should be associated with Web Export Helper. I think that was the name of the helper application used in earlier versions of EndNote. (It’s now called ResearchSoft Direct Export in version X3).

Even if it is correctly associated, I have heard that you sometimes need to disassociate it, and then reassociate it, to get it working properly.

Some databases use .enw files for direct export. They should be associated with EndNote.

Dear John,

thanks a lot for your answer. Endnote X1 is supposed to be compatible with Windows 7 ( I checked the file type associations and switched them once and again back. No change.

Finally I updated my version from X1 1.0.1 to X1 1.0.2 but this only changed my problem. Now nothing happens when I try to import a .ris file. I see my endnot library without any process.

Best regards,