Author's Not people, but output style refers to them as such

Hello all,

I am writing a thesis using a custom output style that I had created. Most of my references are by people and so I have it set that its the Last name, First initial. Problem is I have several references that are for example The National Research Council or AOAC International. But when I look at the bibliography it will put Council, TNR or International, A.

How can I fix it so that the output for those kind of references reads correctly and I don’t have to hyphenate all of it so it appears correctly? Is there an easy way? I’m a fairly advanced Endnote user at this point I just can’t figure out this one for the life of me.

Thank you all!

When you have an organization as an author, you can put a comma at the end of the name to get it to format correctly. See the following article for details:

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