It is possible to show a full drop-down list of authors when I create a new reference?

When I start to typing an author’s name, the program suggest the FIRST author that match the letters (but not the full list filtered by the first letters) to select the author that I was looking for.

I can use Ctr+1 to open the term list, but it closes after inserting each author and I have to open it again and again when more than author is needed.

is it possible to configure endnote to remain open the author list while I stay in the author field?

(or showing a filtered list, not only the first instance when typing)

PS: en reference manager, for example, the list appear and you see all the authors that start with the letters introduced (I don’t know why end note doesn’t copy this good feature)

Unfortunately, Endnote doesn’t appear to have a drop-down list of authors feature - you might consider submitting that to the product suggestion section of this forum. In the interim you could export the authors term list as a text file (refer to attached image) and keep it open with Notepad or MS Word, then you can readily copy from that list into a new Endnote reference.

export authors term list.gif