Problem with "suggest terms as you type"

Hi. I have X2.01 on a Mac 10.5.6

When I start an author’s name, the feature of “suggest terms as you type” does not work properly. (It is selected under preferences.) It’s only giving me the authors that I’ve entered in the last few days into the Endnote library.

Something must have happened when I started entering new references. The “suggest terms” feature isn’t reading back thru the whole library. Perhaps this reflects other problems, I don’t know yet.

What should I do? 


EndNote is reading the author names from the Author terms list. Maybe at some stage you deleted the Author terms list?

You can recreate the Author terms list by going to Tools>Define Terms Lists. Highlight the Author terms list and click on “Update List.”

That worked perfectly! Thanks very much, John.

Best wishes to you and yours.