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I would like endnote to suggest more than just the author terms. How do I tell the program?

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You mean you want that some other fields should suggest terms, not only Author, Journal and Keywords?

Under “Tools” > “Define Term Lists” you can add new lists, for example add one named “Language”, and maybe update the new term list to get all already used languages (highlight the new term list, click “Update list” , “Add Field” and than choose for my example “language”).

After that you must go to “Tools” > “Link Term Lists” where you can link fields to that new list.For my example you would scroll down to "Language"and there open the pull down menue and choose “Language” (the newly added term list).

After that the Field “Language” should work like the “Author” field and suggest all already used languages (if you updated the list).

Hope that was what you wanted.

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