JACS type referencing style


I would like to have my references output style like that in the attached jpg cropped from a JACS paper.

It basically consists of more citations per single bibliography number, separated by letters in parentheses, for example:

(1) (a) Author, Journal, year , issue, page; (b) Author, Journal, year , issue, page; etc.

Also, I would like to be able to cite single specific citations in the text even when they belong to the same ref. number, for example something like:

‘…abcdef ghij(2,4c-d) klmnop…’

(2,4c-d) should be uppercase

Can anyone please help me? I couldn’t manage to do it myself by just editing the output style for JACS on Endnote and I couldn’t find any useful help over the internet either.

Thank you very much!
JACS example.jpg