How to change the output style for Numbered referencing

When citing a review article (as opposed to the original research article) what is the correct way to acknowledge in text that the reference is a review? I am using the numbered style of referencing.

At the moment my sentence looks like this:

“…identified as promising targets in the treatment of addiction (reviewed by Mitsukawa 2008) [19], with …”

To me that just doesn’t look right. Is there some way that I can change the Endnote output format to get rid of the extra set of parentheses just for that one reference?

I would suggest that you try [reviewed by Mitsukawa 2008, ref 19] which is achieved by putting your cursor in/on the [19] and right clicking and choosing, edit citation, more. Then add the text "reviewed by Mitsukawa 2008, ref " (including the trailing space) in the prefix. 

Thankyou fuch such precise instructions.

Problem fixed!