"Journal Long Form workform" in bibliography



I have some journal articles that repeatedly appear in the bibliography list of a Word Doc as “Journal Long Form workform” where the journal name is supposed to be. I have deleted the respective citations from the Word Document and inserted them again, but the problme remains. I have carefully checked the reference, deleted imported it again (from Elsevier), nothing. I even entered it by hand – to no avail. 99% of the references are fine, but from time to time this happened to me before. (Note that I converted all references two years ago from Procite to Endnote; not sure oif there could be some hidden problem).


I would appreciate any help.



 (Win XP, MS Word 2003,  Endnote X.0.2)

did you try unformating and reformating the document completely?  It may be some wierd thing that is now in the “travelling library”.  If you unformat, save everything and close everything and then reopen and try to reformat, it might get fixed.