Journal name batch conversion

I like to have a function that converts journal names in the database, from full name to abbreviated name, or from abbreviated name to full name, for the entire library.

Journal names in my library are quite messy. Depending on the import filters I have used over the years, journal names tend to be a mixture of full and abbreviated names. I want consistent journal names, either way, which makes search easier. I prefer to have abbreviated names because they are shorter and easier to display.

I want this function a batch processing like Change Text function, for example, by looking up journal name term list and replace the name from either way (full to abbreviated or abbreviated to full).

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In relation to my own feature request, I want to find out which journal name in my library is not listed in the journal term list. Keyword field can highlight keywords by red font indicating those keywords are not found in keyword term list. I want the same thing for the journal name, and shown in the reference list so that I can sroll up and down to find which journal name needs to be fixed.

I’m looking to figure out how to do the same thing in both cases, any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks.