Journal names not recognized -

Hello everyone,

I was initially trying to get abbreviated journal names in my bibliography. Now that all steps were done, still no abbreviated titles and I found out why: all my journal names were actually in red, unrecognized. (!)

How can I fix this? I retrieved those references online under the Endnote format. This is usually how I work and never got this issue.

Now, even when I manually copy paste the exact same way the journal is named in the “Journal Term List”, it remains red and unrecognized.

Without this, it sure cannot link the journal name with its abbreviation but I am not able to enter a recognized journal name.

I am really stucked here…



Are you certain the journal terms list is linked to the journal field?  ( In Endnote desktop:  Tools>Link terms list and make sure their is a list associated with the Journals dropdown.)

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This is amazing! It worked!

I was stuck with this issues for quite a bit!

Thank you so SO much!