Journal names fail to appear in document


Hope someone can help me, I wasted a day and a half already - I coulda typed out all 329 references manually by now!

Half my bibliography is from a really old version of endnote.  Works fine. When I insert a citation into document, the reference appears on the list at the bottom just fine, and includes the journal name right where it should be.  When I look at the specific reference in endnote (X2) the journal title is under the field ‘journal’.

With my new stuff, citation goes into document fine, but journal name does NOT show on the bottom list.  When I check that specific reference in endnote - the field is ‘alternate title’

This seems to be the cause of the problem, but I don’t know how to change it. 

I updated the journal lists (all 10000 of them!) so now, they shoe black, not red.  No fix.

Looked at changing bibliography template - but ‘journal’ is in the list like it should be.

Looked at changing the reference fields - but can only omit alternate title, and not enter ‘journal’

Help please?

Thesis due in November! Like to get this sorted well before that!:dizzy_face:


Oh! Additional info:

using APA 5th style

even resorted to changing to harvard - and same thing happened - no  journal names in list in document.

have unformatted, and reformatted several times to no avail,


So are you using EndnoteX2 or Endnote Web?  If web, you are in the right place (but I can’t help, much) if Endnote, you are in the wrong place and the right people may not be monitoring this forum.  Where are you downloading from - that the journal is ending up in the alternate title? 

I would figure that out first, and then use the change and move text option to move the existing information from one field to the other in those references.