Format Biblography : output style

Can anyone please clarify that which output style can I use in the “format biblography” for Research Journal of Environmental Sciences of Sci Alert? The journal is new and not listed in the database. Hope, some other journals also use the same format and I could use that one.

Have you tried the “Environ Health Persp” output style?  It generates the year without enclosed parentheses and incorporates the use of colons.  If not, you could: 1) modify the output style to fit the journal’s criteria, or 2) continue looking for an output style by focusing on science-related styles.

It really helps to provide the necessary information for authors, so we don’t have to search for it as well as do the comparison to existing styles.  

Also please  try consulting  the sticky thread here which has a large number of examples that you can screen thru.   

Masaaki spent a lot of time on organizing them based on order of author first and last name and other fields.  When you have something close, you can post it back here as an attachment (see add attachment beneath the post  message window).    

I see CrazyGecko has also made a suggestion while I was writing this one.