Online Search function seems incompatible with library view

Hello, I’m using MacOS 10.5.8 with Endnote X2.01.

Everything was working fine until I recently exported my library to Papers.   Now, when I open up my library, all the favourite connections are gone (even though they are ticked in the connection manager).  Moreover, when I select Online Search, the entire window switches views. It displays all of the favourite connections that are ticked, but it doesn’t display any of my library groups or references.  Previously, my favourite online search connections would be nicely listed right underneath all the custom groups that I had organized.  That way I could conduct online searches and drag the results to my library( or more specifically to a specific group). Can any one help?

Yours, Simon Kiss

Whoops, never mind! I just discovered the “globe” and “book” buttons at the top. Fixed it. Silly question!

There is a FAQ that describes the various “modes” here if interested:

Personally, I do not think this is a silly question. These search modes are not a perfect design. They represent a classic case of long-time users want one thing and new users often expect something different. The “Modes” design represents an attempt to accommodate these varying needs but is likely a compromise in some ways.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team