Last Name consists of two words

I want to cite a person who is called Tucker III. The Problem is Endnote will only reference him as III. How can I fix that?

If you enter him in EndNote as Tucker III, EndNote will treat his surname in the same way it would an organisation as author (e.g. British Broadcasting Corporation, will print as British Broadcasting Corporation not Corporation, BB)

Well his full name is:

Charles L. Tucker III

That’s how he is entered as Author.

The Author field is:

Suresh G. Advani
Charles L. Tucker III

When I cite it becomes: Advani and III, 198

I am sorry  I didn’t fully understand how I should enter him that he is treated as organisation.

Ah, I assumed you didn’t have his full details.

If you know his forename, you can solve the problem by entering him as:

Tucker III, Charles L.

in the reference. EndNote uses the comma to decide where the surname ends and the forename begins.

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Thank you it worked.