layout button for preview window is unavailable

Hello, today I’ve just upgraded to EndNote 20! While surfing with the new version, I clicked on the cross button of the preview window. Unfortunately I cannot bring this preview window back. I searched for layout button though it is still not available. Now please suggest me how to solve this problem.

In addition, I would like to change the default dark background of EndNote 20. but I’m not sure how to do that.

Someone please help me out to solve these issues.

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Can you see a summary button which may reopen it?

EndNote support informed me that it is not possible to turn off the partial Dark Mode or change the default user interface.  There is also no way to restore or add short cut icons to replace functionality that was in X9 but has been removed in EndNote 20.

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I encounter the same problem as you. I can’t even find the Layout button where.

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You can try to double-click any reference to bring the preview window back.

It is my understanding that it is gone in EndNote20.  Hence I haven’t upgraded.