Library archiving for size larger than 4 GB


When I tried to sync with my new Endnote X6. I had a weird error message (Endnote cannot save or create this file. Make sure the disk you want to save the file on is not full, write-protected, or damaged.) and it turns out that it is an issue with the size of the library that cannot be archived. I would suggest to overcome such a limitation (the OS zip support of windows or mac enable to compress the lib of more than 4GB). Indeed, it is now likely current to get a library bigger with attached pdf and it is unfortunate that neither the error message state clearly the issue and more importantly, that a 4 GB limit exist.

Is this limitation supposed to be removed in future updates of X6 or on a longer timescale (any idea of it?).

Thank you for your answer


Hello Jacques,

Our EndNote built in compression is based on the .ZIP format compression, and likely one of the most commonly used formats.  The .ZIP format has a built in limitation of 4GB.

It’s actually not an EndNote limitation, but rather a limitation of the .ZIP compression format being used.

And while it may be possible that the compression format used may change in a future version of the software, I am not aware of any plans to do so.

As an alternative, you can use the “Save a Copy” option from the File menu to create a copy of your library in a safe location, or an alternate compression utility with a less limited capacity to compress the .DATA folder and .ENL file for the library. 

I do hope this helps.

Thanks!  :slight_smile: