Link a short title to footnote where long title was used first

Hey guys,

I’m using footnotes with a custom outputstyle with microsoft word on a mac. Is there a feature which allows me to automatically set link from a shorttitle to  the number where its longtitle is written?

Fn.33: AUTHOR, SHORTITLE1 (Fn.1), Page 1–3

Right now I’m using a (Fn.@) as a fill-in and plan to do it manually at the end of my work. The semi-automatic way to use dynamiclinks in word doesn’t work aswell since I cant edit the footnote before converting everything into plain text? I know citavi is capable to do this on its own. Since this is so mandatory I probably just missed the feature. Can you help?

Thanks in advance

No - this isn’t a feature of endnote.  but if you can get away with 

Fn.33: AUTHOR, SHORTITLE1, Page 1–3  (Fn.1) 

you could add it after the inserted endnote citation and cross ref it with word.  If you still need to rearrange it, then at least you have the “dynamic” linked footnote for your manual adjustment after removing the endnote fields.    

You could suggest this reature in the suggestions forum, but this is the first time I have seen the request in the many years of frequenting this forum.  Cross referencing in a “field” is not an easy task with MSWord.  

Thank you for your reply, I will do so.

Please excuse my presumptuous phrasing. Sometimes I forget the partly narrow-minded, cocky atittude in german lawschools (especially concerning formalities).