PDFs links - can RefMan PDF links be activated when records imported into ENX.1

One of my patrons has recently imported records from Reference Manager into EndNote. I received the following question.


One of the
features both programs support is a link between the reference listed in
the database and a pdf file of the reference article on your harddrive.

These links not been maintained properly through the export/import
procedure - I can see them as file attachments, but can't open them.
When you hover the mouse over them the path to the file appears. If I
create a new file attachment (these work) the path is given as
On the imported ones, it shows up as \\[file://C:\folder\filename](file://c:%5cfolder%5cfilename/).
Is there any way I could globally delete the \\[file://](file:///)at the beginning of"
each, which I assume may be causing the problem?

Is there any way to activate the PDF links in EndNote X.1.

Note: Change Text has been used to resolve the global delete of file:// issue, but this does not resolve the linking issue. Using the Convert PDF links function in References also has been tried with no success. I did not find anything in the Archives that addresses this issue.