Listing and keep using MyLibrary sorted by MyArticle final Reference Numbers

Dear Sirs, please imagine this common scenario.

I have been using Endnote to generate the References of a long MyArticle. Then the paper, as usual, has undergone the publishing processes and eventually published. Now that I have the Endnote MyLibrary on a side and the printed (or pdf) MyArticle on other side, I would like to select a random Reference in MyArticle and lookup at MyLibrary for the corresponding cited pdf (of course if present). In order to accomplish this task, I have to type the first Author (and then choose the right one among the selected papers), or if present, the first part of the title, both of which are useless and boring typings. Much better would be if I could get (and possibly sort) in MYLIBRARY a field showing the definitive Reference Number that had been generated at the end of preparing the manuscript of MyArticle.

Is there a way to accomplish this? If not (as I am afraid of), is there any hope to get this IMHO important feature in a future release of EndNote?

Thanks in advance for the attention

No way I can think of, unless your PDF has pubmed numbers in it?  You could create an output style and format the final final version of the word document with the record number and go from there.  You could try exporting the traveling library from your final word document,  and see if it exports them in order of use so the record number is the number in the paper (if a numbered style).  Have never tried that.  

thanks for your reply, Leanne.

I am afraid that fastest way to me will be putting BY HAND that number in each and every record of the library (more than 400). It’s quite anachronistic in 2020, definitely annoying, and also subject to human mistakes, but I have to NOW.

Hopefully, this feature will be implemented sometimes in future releases.