losing keywords when converting from procite

I have successfully converted a database from Procite to EndNote, but have lost my keywords in the process.  They still show up (in red) when I open up each individual entry, but when I go to tools “open term lists” it says that there are no keywords.  Do I need to import the list of keywords separately?

First check to see if auto-update has been turned off.  That is in the edit preferences, “terms lists” and make sure the boxes are checked. 

Then you should open your terms list, ( in EndnoteX-- Tools, Open Terms List, select keywords list) go to the “lists” tab.   Before hitting the “Update Lists”  you should look at the delimiters selected.  I know it will separate them if there are carriage returns, but I don’t know how they imported from Procite.  Pick the appropriate delimiters for your library. 

Then hit update terms and select the field (which should be defaulted to Keywords) to update your lists. 

If it isn’t defaulted/linked to keywords, then you need to change the “Link terms list…”  which has the “Linking fields to terms list” information, (Hit ctrl 3 in endnote in windows version.This is also available thru the Endnote Tools menu) and make sure keywords is linked to Keywords terms list --waaaay down the list.   

Thank you!  I did all of these things, and now my terms show up under the “keywords term list.”  I also went to “linking terms with keywords” and made sure the keywords term was linked to the keywords field.  That part doesn’t seem to have worked, though.  When I doubleclick on a term from the list, it doesn’t come up in the search box (doesn’t seem to do anything, in fact).

That is another of the tick boxes Endnote Preferences, Term Lists.  The “suggest terms as you type” should be checked. 

No, those are all checked.  Shouldn’t the term pop up in the search box when I doubleclick it in the list?  Even with all the boxes on the preferences - terms list menu checked, nothing happens.

I am not sure what you are asking. I don’t think the search boxes pull from the terms list. Double click it on what list? The terms list will start autopopulating when you are typing in the keywords field in a record.