annoying feature of the updated X9.3 conversion

I have just noted that my desktop library, after conversion has completely lost all its terms lists!  How annoying.  It appears to me that developers could have devised a step by step process, so I could recover the current lists from my old library without having to resort to finding a colleague who hasn’t yet updated their Endnote version.  Or does the conversion export some items that I can find without all this rigmarole? 

What else have I forgotten that I should export from my preX9.3 library?  

Even worse, when I tried to import a journals into it, it seems to have updated all the terms lists to also pull everything in from my library into terms lists, and completely messed up as database downloads usually have them backward, so now I had a double list of everything, because the preferences were set to “update” I guess.  It ended up with over 200,000 journals, the ones I acutual use being duplicates with abbreviations in the wrong columns. 

I do wish the developers would return to beta testing their software with actual customers!