Loss of "date added", keywords and other terms when changing from X6 to X9

I recently changed from X6 (Windows 7) to X9 (Windows 10), and opened my old enl file (with necessary conversion). However, the “Date added” field is entirely filled with “Date unknown”. My keywords, journal titles, publishers, cities, libraries etc. lists have also vanished. The “Terms List” directory is simply filled with default journal titles in different disciplines. As I have used EndNote for > 15 years, and it has > 11,000 references, all keyworded, the loss of my keywords is catastrophic. I cloned my old Win 7 disc, so I should have all the old files, but I have no idea what my terms lists are called. I do NOT want the default list, I need the lists with my terms.  I could find nothing in EndNote help to help me resolve this.

Any suggestions on how I can recover my original term lists (and also the dates added, although this isn’t all that critical)?  Many thanks.

If you still have access to the original library and the older version of EndNote. You can open the library in the older version of EndNote. You can then go to Tools then Open Term List then Keywords Term List. On the new window click on the Lists tab. On the bottom right click on Export List.

You will end up with a file that you can import into the library in EndNote X9.

If you no longer have access to the older version of EndNote then please contact Technical Support for assistance.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



We are here to help whenever you run into issues.

Many thanks Tony. I managed to open my library in X4 in Win 7, but not X6 for some reason. Didn’t matter as all of my references were there. I exported the term lists, and imported them into X9 as you suggested, and they all worked beautifully. (Insert major sigh of relief!)

In X4, the “Last Updated” is filled with the dates as it should be, but during the translation to X9, these were lost, and replaced with Unknown. Although these are not critical, I’d like to have these dates. Is there any way of copying them from X4 to X9?

I do apologize but during the conversion it copies all the data in the library to a new library so the date added information is lost.