Lost my LIBRARY column

I have lost the LEFT sided LIBRARY column from my workspace in Endnote X7 on Windows 7

See attachment

Can anyone tell me how to get it back ?

Thanks !


Its there.  I can see it.  You need to carefully grap it (the cursor should change to the double verticle lines with arrows pointing horizontally) and slide it “open”  to the right.  Alternatively – but it would look a bit different - can you check Layout and make sure the groups option is selected?  (or that might be X6 which I still have at home). 

Leanne is correct, it is simply dragged to the far left. You need to grab the inner border and re-drag it to the right.

Leanne, the option you’re thinking of is under the “Groups” menu, there’s an option for Hide Groups/Show Groups. However, based on the screenshot the poster provided, I don’t think that’s the problem here. I think you were dead on with your first assessment.

Thank you both so very much ! That took care of it ! 

Many thanks!