Mac EndNote X4 and Word 2011 not working together

Hi all,

I’m running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on a 32-bit 15" MacBook Pro (1,1 – the first one) and have just purchased EndNote X4 to go with Word 2011.  I installed EndNote 4.0.2 directly from the website, rather than using the install CD that came with the product.

Here’s the problem:

If I try to initiate formatting of the bibliography from within Word, either via the menu option or the toolbar, it “hangs” the connection between EndNote and Word and any further attempts to use EndNote from Word (or viceversa) causes the program to emit a “pop” sound.  If I try to format the biblio from the toolbar, then button presses in and then gets stuck in.

The only thing that *does* work is that I can select a citation in Endnote and then select “Insert Selected Citation…”  This causes the citation to insert and the bibliography to format, but I’m never given the opportunity to tweak any of the options in the normal Format… dialog.

Where do I go from here?  I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled and done the usual trick of “unchecking” the Endnote specific macro files, so that they’re “reloaded” on the next try.

Any suggestions?