Mac: where is the preferences file located?

Dear colleagues

I kneed to now where is the with the endnote preferences located in Macintosh.

In windows it is located here: C:\Documents and Settings[user name]\Application Data\EndNote.

Thank you!

Pedro Novais

From page 575 of the Macintosh EndNote.pdf manual:

“Where Preference Settings are Saved

Preference settings are saved to the current user account, which allows multiple users to access a single library while saving each user’s preferred settings. Many EndNote preferences are saved in a “com.ThomsonResearchSoft.EndNote.plist” file found in the folder Users: [Your Folder]: Library: Preferences. You can reset many preferences to their default settings by quitting EndNote, deleting the preference file, and then restarting EndNote to re-create the preference file.

Reference Type definitions are saved in a RefTypeTable.xml file which is located in the folder Users: [Your Folder]: Library: Application Support: EndNote.”

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Dear Jason

Perfect. It works.

Thank you,

Pedro Novais