Manage Citations - I enter in prefix/sufix/page numbers and they save but they do not materialise in the word doc?

Hi Friends,

I am working on a document in Word (MAC) that requires a prefix and a pg reference number in the footnote. I go to “edit and manage citations”, click on the citation and then fill in the boxes under “edit citation”. They save and it all looks good. However, even after the page is updated, the changes don’t appear in the footnote text of the word document.

What am I doing wrong? I have noticed other people have posted about this topic but none of their suggestions seem to work.



You need to make sure the footnote template for your chosen style and reference type, include the “Cited Pages” field (see image attached), or Citation template (if the footnote uses the citation template rather than its own from the dropdown highlighted).  

In the latter, then you need to make sure the Citation template includes this field with the forced separation characters so the added comma and space do not appear when there are no Cited pages (Author, Year|, Cited Pages|).