inserting and keeping inline citations in footnotes, and generating biblio at end of doc

Please excuse the bulky phrasing. Basically, I would like to use inline citations in my footnotes, just as they would be used in the document body text. However, these keep getting formatted by Endnote as full bibliographic references, at the end of the footnote itself (i.e. vs the end of the document). To make matters worse, the specific page referencing also disappears along with the inline citation (which I am often copying into the footnote from the body). Any insight? This is obviously remediable as it mentions the possibility in the help, but doesn’t really develop this in depth. Help! Thanks!

In EndNote, click on Edit>Output Styles>Edit “[your style]”

When the style edit window opens, go to the Footnotes>Templates section.

At the “Format citations in…” box, use the drop-down menu to select “Same as citations”.

Close the edit window, and save the changes when prompted.

When you want to insert a citation in a footnote, just create the footnote in Word, and then insert the citation in the footnote, just as you would insert it in the text.

With EndNote X3, you can then use the Edit Citations function to add prefix, suffix or page numbers to a citation in a footnote. With some earlier versions of EndNote, footnote citations don’t support the prefix and suffix functions, but they do support Cited Pages, if the style is correctly formatted.

Thanks! I am on a mac so there does yet seem to been X3 release… but this sees to have done the trick. Cheers!