PDF attachments in a new computer are gone "This URL ... could not be launched"

I am a long time EndNote User. Until now, I have been using EndNote in a Windows computer. Now I am using a Mac (macOS Sierra). I have now an EndNote version for Mac. 

My Problem:

Until now I had my Library.enl (with around 1500 entries) in a folder “D:/Literature”. In this folder were also all my PDFs.

I did not let EndNote rename or relocate my PDFs. I attached the files by drag and drop.

In the new computer, EndNote does not find the PDFs. 

My solutions (they did not work):

To solve the problem, I tried to convert the file attachments to relative links, in the end I had a folder with a strange name (a couple of numbers) for each PDF, about 1500 folders… That’s really not what I was looking for :confused:

I tried also to open the Library.enl file with a text editor. I tried changing all the paths by copy and paste. This did not work either.

My question:

How can I copy the Literature folder (the Library.enl and all PDFs are there) to the Mac so that the Library.enl finds the file attachments?

Thanks in advance for your help!


It should be possible to get this to work doing a Find and Replace in EndNote but we would need more information on what the current path is and where you are going to put the pdf files on the MAC.

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



Thanks for the proposal! I have contacted the EndNote support. I hope they can help.

BTW: My paths are:

The old paths to the PDFs in Windows are all like: D:\Literatur\NameOfPDF.pdf (D:\Literature\Chomsky1957-SyntacticStructures.pdf)

The (new) path in Mac should be: /Users/antonio/MyP/Literatur/Chomsky1957-SyntacticStructures.pdf

The Library.enl file is in the same file as all PDFs (/Users/antonio/MyP/Literatur/)

I cannot find the way/the file/the place to copy and replace the path such that all my PDFs appear in EndNote again.

Thank you very much for your response!