Move PDFs not stored in default database location

I had to choose a new location for my library PDFs when I started syncing them with the server.

Some of the references that I imported have links to PDFs in folders outside the main endnote folder.

Is there any way to determine A) which these are and B) to consolidate them in the default folder so they don’t inadvertantly get deleted?

Thanks for any help with this – couldn’t find any info on this one.

Hello Wolfneuralnet,

The best thing to do here would likely be to convert those items to relative links, so they’re all contained in the .data folder for the library.

To do so…

1)  Highlight your entire list of Records within EndNote

2)  Click the References menu

3)  Click the “File Attachments” submenu

4)  Here, choose “Convert to Relative Links”

This will make a relative linked file for that PDF, instead of using the absolute link to the PDFs external location.

If the links are already broken, you should be able to use Tools - Find Broken Attachment Links, which should create a list of records whose attachments need relinking.

I do hope this helps.