Many section breaks and a chapter bibliography in one chapter


I have a tricky problem that relate to the chapter bibliography. I know that in order to create a chapter bibliography you need to insert a section break at the end of chapter. However, there is a section in the chapter require different page orientation. Thus, more section breaks have been use in the middle of the chapter. The trouble is the bibliography has appear before the first section break in the chapter, which is location in the middle of chapter and not the end of the chapter. How can I fixing this problem?

I’m using MS Word 2010 and EndNote X5.

Looking forward to your response.


Hello Nat,

At this time, the application is designed to place the bibliography at the end of whichever Section you have in the document. If you have a Section Break in the middle of the chapter, the bibliography will appear in this location. In order to move the bibliography, you would need to do so after converting the document to plain text. When you are done working with EndNote, make a backup of your document. When that is done, you can click the Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Plain Text command from the EndNote ribbon in Word 2010. This will create a plain text version of the document that is no longer linked to EndNote. You can then cut and paste the bibliography to the appropriate position in the document.

You can certainly submit a suggestion to more fine grained control over section bibliographies here:

An alternative place to submit product suggestions can be found here:

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Thank you for the advice and instruction.

Hi Jason, I have generated chapter bibliographies by inserting the sections breaks at the end of each chapter in my document. However like Nat in 2012, I already have section breaks in my documents to separate landscape tables from portrait text - the result is that my chapter bibliography has spread itself ans become multiple section-specific bibliography.

Is there someway that Endnote could differentiate an “end of chapter” section break from other "sections breaks in the document? Have you found a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance for your advice,