Endnote product suggestion forum: Creating bibliography at end of each chapter


I would to suggest that the product development team look into the issue of endnote bibliography feature.  I needed to insert one landscape page in between the other portrait pages.  All these different landscape and portrait pages are in one chapter.  Microsoft word inserts section break in order to create the landscape page which is situated in between the portrait pages.  Therefore, the bibliography is in between the landscape and portrait and not at the end of the chapter.  So the problem is whenever there is a section break, endnote presumes that it is the end of the document when it is not. Up until today,  I have not found a solution to my predicament. 



Do you have multiple chapters that each require a bibliography in the document?  

The native built-in reference system in Word can easily fix this.

It’s called “Suppressing Endnotes at End of Section”

I wish I can revert back to native built-in system. I’m so stupid to use this EndNote software.