Bibliography per chapter using section breaks in word

It would be great if we could select and option to put bibliography at the end of the section break in microsoft word. Lot of use use Endnote to write dissertation which requires us to put list of References at the end of each chapter. Using section break it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish that with endnote.

I have tried section breaks with Cite While You Write™ Plug-In , in word 2016 and it still creates a bibliography at the end of the document and not at the end of the section break.

Desktop or Online version.  There is a setting in the output  styles, at least on desktop version of EndnoteX7 and X8 (not sure when it was implimented), that places the bibliography at the end of each section. And several that come with that selected option, for example APA 6th Sections and Chicago 15th B (sections) that can be downloaded from their styles collection.  

I don’t see these output styles though, for the online version’s list, so that might not be an option in the basic version.