Master Documents in MS Word

Does anybody use master documents in MS Word with EndNote links?  EN doesn’t seem to like cut and paste with links at times and I am wondering if anybody has created a master document with 10 or so sections containing links that then come together is a properly sequenced biobliography at the end of the document. 

Hello, hodag1:

Copying and pasting text that contains formatted citations can be iffy, due to all the code Word uses to keep track of those citations. What we actually recommend is to use the EndNote tools to “unformat” first, then paste, then generate the entire reference list at once when everything is joined together as you’d like. For more specific instructions, please see:

If you have additional questions, please respond back and clarify your versions of Word, EndNote, and your OS (Mac or Windows).

I have always wondered the same.  In addition, there is this YouTube training document.  I haven’t tried it though.