Cutting and pasting in Word

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere on these boards but I am relatively new to Endnote and cannot find the answere elsewhere.

My question is:

I need to move around large sections of text (with citations) within a Word document. Some paragraphs need to run earlier, some later.

If I cut and paste these large sections of text, will the citations all smoothly cut and paste with the text and any new citation running orer update in the bibliography, or will this cutting and pasting upset the reference numbering?

(ie Should I remove all citations before cutting and pasting?)

In short, how to I safely cut and paste content without ruining the Endnote referencing configuration?

Many thanks for your advice.

Many recommend that It is safest to unformat a document to temporary citations before moving large blocks of text, but I don’t usually. There is just so much information embedded in those hidden endnote fields by Word. However, unformatting risks losing embedded citations that a colleague may have inserted from their library, which isn’t in your local library.  

But if you don’t, the citations and bibliography should become reorder/renumber if necessary; just as it will, if you insert a new citation in a paragraph.  

Always remember to backup a document regularly so you have a recent copy to go back to!