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How do I merge my endnote on my desktop to my endnote web? I tried to import it but it only will import 1 reference, even if I do it multiple times it will only import the same 1 reference. 

I have a library that I share with my boss and other co-worker and I am trying to get all our libraries on the web version so we can all use that version. 

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Are you and your colleagues using Endnote version X7 and 2 more questions:

1. To synchronize your Endnote library with your Endnote online account did you designate the library’s location? (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Preferences then select “Sync”. Besides having the email address and password of your Endnote online account the designate Endnote library should be specified in the dialog box located below “Sync this Endnote Library”.

2. Was the Endnote online account empty (no references) prior to syncing with the Endnote library on the desktop? 

Yes we are all using endnote 7x and no the library online has refrences in it. Although Im not sure how they got there. We have sync’d 2 of the libraries together already and now we have to sync those 2 with another one and join them all together online.

How were the 3 libraries synced from the desktop to the Endnote online account? (The process should be limited to one person from the “main” desktop being able to sync to one library (which can contain references from multiple libraries) to the Endnote online account.) Since only one library can be synced to one Endnote online account the references from the 2nd and 3rd libraries can be added to the main desktop library (which is connected to the Endnote online account).

If you are the “gatekeeper” and the 3 libraries were indeed synced from your desktop to your Endnote online account and only some of the references were transmitted to the Endnote online account did suggest you start over. Turn off the automatic sync setting (located in the Sync section of the Preferences dialog box) then reset the Endnote online account by following the directions in this thread:

if you continue to have problems suggest you contact tech support:

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