three desktop libraries > one web library and sync confusion

I’ve been away for a while but I’m back trying to figure out the new features in x7. Here’s a major point of confusion. I have three distinct libraries under desktop Endnote. It just works best for me to have them separate. But when I log into my web account, there’s only one library, and I can’t see a way of making another. If this is correct, how do I sync Library A with the web version without also downloading items that belong in Libraries B or C?

I may be missing something obvious, and I did search on this, but without success. Any help much appreciated.


Not possible.  As they have set up the sync function, one user can only sync one library.  

are there any pans to allow syncing multiple libraries?

its really frustrating that we have to keep all references realted to different subjects in one huge library. Its also risky because corrput library means all referecnes are lost, dividing them into smaller libraries would be a good proetrection from loosing entire library