Merging References


I worked on two chapters and saved them differently in Word doc. I wish to merge the two documents as one. The References appear differently. How can I merge the two in one document?


Have you tried reformating the joined document, with the bibliography output style you want to use?  It should convert them all, no problem, if the library the citations came from is open in Endnote. 


With two separate bibliographies (in each chapter) or one (at the end)?  The answer to that question demands knowing which version of Endnote you are using. 



Hajiahajia10 wrote:

I worked on two chapters and saved them differently in Word doc. I wish to merge the two documents as one. The References appear differently. How can I merge the two in one document?


Hi Leane,

Thanks. I tried your suggestion. I clicked to have the bibliography formated as Abs Sociology. But nothing happened.

It showed it was formating it but the 3 chapters I merged into 1 still had their references standing individually.

My version is Endnote X. I typed my work in Word  1997 - 2003 compartable mode.

Kindly advice me on what steps to take.

I will appreciate any step by step directive.


Then I suggest you try this next.  Make copies of your documents.  On the copy, Unformat  Citations (DO NOT Remove Fieldcodes")  in each of the individual chapters (or try it on the combined document) and this should revert the documents to the “curly bracketed form” { Author, Year #RecNo } form.  Do they all do that?  Remove any residual reference lists (just select and delete them). 

then combine the unformated documents into one and then run the format bibliography command.   (or if the combined document unformated completed, just try reformating that.) You might need to re-enable the CWYW from the third tab of the format bibliography dialog box (You definately will need to do that on the combined document, but shouldn’t have to if you start with a new document before combining the 3 chapters.).


I am very pleased with your advice. I was exited the job has been done after following the steps. Going through the work, It indeed moved and merged the references.

However, when I went back to the work, the whole work changed. All my saved documents with Reference have something I  can not discribe other than like a page attacked by a virus. The references on the combined chapters gone as well.

Please help me correct this.


No panic; your field codes are showing, that’s all (at least that’s what it sounds like). Open your document, hold down the Alt key and hit the F9 key. It should revert to normal.


Hi Cathy,

You saved me from heart attack.



Indeed, I think this is the thing that terrifies our students the most. :wink:

Glad we could help.

Hi Leane,

Thanks for the break through. It worked. I got something wrong but Cathy came to my rescue.

Thanks to you guys.:manvery-happy:

This thread of advice has been most useful - I’ve just combined seven longish chapters each full of endnote refs into one document 60,000 plus words long. So thank you.  A supplementary question is this.

Up to now I’ve been working with the smaller documents in formatted mode - so the brackets are ‘proper’ brackets not squiggly, and inputting has been fine, but sometimes a little slow and with the odd crash.

I think I read somewhere that a draft should be altered in squiggly mode.  Which is best, as I still have some major editing and moving to do?

Many thanks

On large documents I like to work with the squiggly bracketed version (CWYW off).  It has the added advantage of not triggering “tracked changes” either, during the addition or modification of surrounding references.  Only those truly changed are tracked.  Then update by manually “format paper” before submission.