Merging 2 identical References


I have the following problem:

In my references I have 2 identical references, which I both cited in my paper.

Unfortunately, Endnote does not undertstand that they are identical (I have checked the option to merge identical references under Edit -> Preferences -> Formatting).

The problem is that the references are identical, but are slightly different (example attached).

The journal name of reference 1 is “Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics” and the journal name of reference 2 is “J Pediatr Orthop”. Consequently, Endnote does not understand that they are the same.

How can I merge both references?

Thanks ahead!

The easiest way is to edit one of them so the journal field is identical.  You should also make sure the CWYW settings (edit, preferences, formatting  are set to remove duplicates.  “The Duplicate Preferences setting do not apply to this feature.  The criteria for determining duplicates is fixed for the “merge Duplicaes in Bibliography” setting.”