Merging 2 series of references


I used EndNotes for references ina document. A collegue added his own references, but the 2 sets of references both begn at 1 (1,2,3 etc). How do I do to merge the 2 lists in a single list?


That very much depends on how they entered them and what version of Endnote each of you are using. 

Help us help you by telling us what operating system, what version(s) of Word and Endnote you are using, but in the meantime.

It should have happened automatically. To find out if the information is embedded as it should be,  first make a copy of the document.  Then  -see if you can recover the references from the traveling library (from Word’s Endnote tools, Export traveling library to NEW library.  Are both sets there? 

If so, then try reformatting the library -  Does that renumber them?  If not, try unformating the paper.  Do all the refs return to the curly bracketed form?  – If so, then try formatting with both libraries (the exported and your original library) open - or import with discard duplicates the exported traveling library into your library.  You will probably need to confirm the colleagues references during this step.   

If none of that works, then the next steps depend upon which refs are corrupted. 

Dear Leanne,

Thanks + + for your help. I use xport to traveling library and it worked!

Great, your help much appreciated.

JF Etter